"I will buy you a garden...

...where your flowers can bloom..."
.Everclear I Will Buy You A New Life

When Adam and I decided to put in a new concrete driveway, we came up with the idea of designing a new garden on the side of our garage. We wanted something that would include a fountain, stepping stones, and different types of plants and flowers. I found a fountain on clearance at Lowe's towards the end of the season last year, so we HAD to go through with the new garden.

Time passed and by the time spring had sprung, our new garden idea had turned into a jungle of weeds. (We hadn't really had much motivation to get started.) It looked so ugly, but with both of us working and the weekends being used to rest, we had every excuse NOT to get started...until one day my mom decided to come up with my dad.

My mom is a VERY talented person. Not only is she talented in her mothering and writing, but also in gardening. So...needless to say I had no other excuses not to get started on this new garden. My dad is a VERY determined handyman. He can fix anything and does almost everything he is asked to do. This made for a very helpful gardener.

They came up when I was still at work one Thursday (actually, a golf outing FOR work...) a few weeks ago and helped Adam get the garden ready. They tilled, weeded, planned, planted, and even got the fountain put together before I got home. I really can't believe they got so much done in an afternoon. If only we would of had that motivation earlier in the spring!

It turned out better than I had imagined and am SO thankful to have such loving and helpful parents. Adam is such a trooper and will do what it takes to make me happy. As he has said before, "happy wife, happy life...".

I love you guys!


Kylee said...
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Kylee said...

You're too kind with your comments about me, but you're right - your dad can do anything! (If he wants to...LOL)

This day was so much fun! We love you!!