The stuffy head, sore throat, coughing, aching, fever relief to help get you back to selling wireless phones medicine.

For the last three days or so I have been a little under the weather. Friday afternoon at work brought the start of a sore throat and by Sunday night I had fully diagnosed myself with a horrible cold/flu. I awoke at 4:30 AM Monday morning to my stomach yearning to 'clean itself out'. Needless to say I didn't go to work yesterday. I went to work today, but I don't think I was totally there in mind due to all the medication I was on. I'm feeling a little better tonight, but am coughing up a storm. I will probably be without a voice tomorrow.

Oreo must know when I'm not feeling well because he was by my side and aided in keeping me warm the last few days while I slept on the couch. (Adam took this picture while I was taking one of my 6 naps in the last few days.)

Speaking of being sick...Oreo seems to be having some issues with digestion. We have had to cut back on the amount of food he gets each day because he has a problem with over-eating. He has been getting sick after eating lately and we feel so bad for him. He'll let out this horrible moan just before he gets sick and dry heaves quite a bit. I did some research online and found a medication that should help him. It's called Laxatone and I actually think my parents used that for years with Mimi. (Our wonderful cat of 16 years.) It's supposed to break-up the hairballs that have built up in his stomach to allow for the food to digest properly. I sure hope it works!

Thanks to my sister Jenna and her fiance Joe, we have a wonderful carpet cleaner we use each time Oreo gets sick. (Heaven forbid he would do it on the linoleum!) It's the Dirt Devil SpotScrubber and works wonders on these little areas. I highly recommend investing in one of these little guys!

So both Oreo and myself are feeling much better I think. He and Cali are back to being side-by-side buddies again and I think I'll go back to sleeping with Adam after way too many nights of being on the couch.


Toledo Symphony

Last evening I had the pleasure of enjoying the classical sounds of the Toledo Symphony at Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio with my co-workers. After a wonderful dinner at The Barn restaurant, we enjoyed everything from Mozart and Pachelbel to the contemporary Williams. (He writes mainly for the motion picture industry.) And yes, the Pachelbel piece WAS a rendition of Canon in D! I LOVE Canon in D. It's probably my all-time favorite classical song. Last night it brought back memories of me walking down the aisle at my wedding with my dad. Can you say emotional?!

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Toledo Symphony event, take advantage of it! (www.toledosymphony.com) The music is so relaxing and makes you forget about life's hectic schedule for a couple of hours. I would go again in a heartbeat.