Say Cheese!

Last Sunday Adam and I were watching the ABC line-up that first consisted of an hour of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and then an hour of Desperate Housewives. On each episode there was a reference to the dairy product we call...cheese. Adam and I love cheese.

When my cousin Sarah took a trip to Wisconsin a few years ago, she came back bearing the gift of cheese curds. For those of you who have had the pleasure of indulging in these little bites of 'goodness', you know that I couldn't have had just one! Those things were delicious! We HAD to find out if we could purchase this cheese online!

Upon browsing the Wisconsin Cheese Mart via the world wide web we decided to purchase five pounds of the yellow cheddar curds.

They came today...

There's only one thing left to say...YUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMY!



My amaryllis made it!


Bad Kitties

I thought it was all a dream. Those words of horror that Adam spoke as I still laid in bed this morning. "Honey, the cats knocked over your amaryllis." As I lept from the comfort of my bed and ran into our back living room I then realized that this was no dream, this was reality at it's cruelest. Sure enough, the giant stalk that held 3 big buds of 'Christmas Gift' blossoms was left damaged in two places. I quickly got my bamboo sticks and plant ties and proceeded with 'surgery' on my 'patient'.

Luckily the blossoms weren't broken off, so I'm hoping that at least one will get to grace me with all of its beauty. And lucky for my little fur balls I love them like my own children.


A Good Day

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up feeling so refreshed, almost like you have slept for days, without having woke up once throughout the night? I woke up with that feeling this morning and I just knew it was going to be a good day!

After a hot shower, Adam and I journeyed to Lowe's to check out their garden center. Upon arrival we drove past the outdoor sheds and our mouths instantly started watering. You see, we have a small garage that just isn't big enough to hold all of our 'necessities'. So we have been thinking about buying a shed to put in the corner of our lot. Lowe's must have just gotten in a couple of new models because there was one in particular that we hadn't seen before. And it...was...GORGEOUS! We both loved it and are now in the process of figuring out if we can afford it.

After Lowe's we ventured out to my parents house so that I could return mom's car that I had borrowed for a few days. It was great to see them since they had been gone a week in Florida. We didn't stay long though because the day was young, the sun was shining (65 degrees today...) and I wanted to get home and start cleaning up around the yard.

We returned home and decided that we couldn't wait another minute to have our New York strip steak and potatoes. We ate dinner at 4:00...

We also had a visitor upon our arrival home. We've had some cats lingering around our house lately, but have never been able to come close to any of them. Today, for some reason, the yellow one decided she wanted to take a chance and befriend us. She is so lovable and so soft and I want to keep her! If she's here through tomorrow night I think I'll call her Sophie...

After dinner we went back to Lowe's because I needed to get some bamboo stakes for my amaryllis. While I was there I picked up a stone wall hanging of a ladybug. I love ladybug motif and when I saw my mom had one, I had to get one too. I also purchased a seed starting tray along with some soil so that I could start some of my flower seeds a little early.

Adam also needed to pick up some things at Meijer. A pack of razor blades, bottle of shaving cream, deodorant, hair gel, and a pack of Cali's wet food later we thought we were done and on our way home. That is until I wanted to browse through their garden center...

And it was just my luck that it was 10 times better than the one at Lowe's. I have been wanting a Japanese Maple and a weeping cherry tree. They had them both. And I had $50 in Visa debit cards to spend... After trying to reach my mom to see which one she would go with if she were me, Adam and I decided to go with the weeping cherry. I was SO excited to get home and plant it! We did some research in a garden book that my mom just gave us and figured that it would do well at the end of our front sidewalk. So that's where it is and that's where I plan on digging out around it to plant some annuals once it gets warmer.

Definitely a good day. Now all I need is a big black horse.... (think KT Tunstall...)