It's been a while...

It's been a little while since I've last posted on this thing, so I thought I'd post about some of the changes that have gone on in the past few days.

This weekend, Adam and I helped move our office to the much anticipated new location. It is so much bigger and nicer than the old. We have more parking and are conveniently located on the north side of town where everything seems to be booming. I put in about 9 hours of 'moving' time on Saturday with Adam helping out for about 6 and another 4 hours on Sunday. Needless to say I was pretty beat come Monday morning. We are up and running and can't wait for our non-stop traffic flow!

My indoor garden also seems to be coming along...

Adam called me at work today to let me know that the amaryllis my parents got me for Valentine's Day grew an inch overnight. I really couldn't believe it when I saw it with my own eyes. He was right! And thank goodness, because it's the first amaryllis I've ever cared for and I was a little nervous that it might not 'come to'.

I am also forcing some tulips and we have a couple that seem to be doing rather well.

My grandma gave me some tulip bulbs in a cute basket this past Christmas. I planted four of them in the basket and the remaining four in a bowl I had in my cupboard. The ones that are planted in the basket aren't doing very well at all, but there are two in the bowl that are going nuts! They were all planted at the same time and are all located in the same place. These two must just be starving for attention! I can't wait to see them open!

As much as I hate change in my life itself, I love changes like these. They just make you feel good inside. Oh yeah! And today is Adam's birthday! Another change! He turned the big 2-5 today. Happy Birthday honey!


Oh sweet Mother...Nature

Our Driveway

So OK, I've been wanting a snowstorm all winter and FINALLY, yesterday morning, I got one! The National Weather Service issued a Blizzard Warning on Monday evening for Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio.

By Tuesday afternoon Mother Nature was at her best. Our offices even closed at 4 to allow for everyone to make it home safely.

Being the meteorologists we should have actually been, Adam and I quickly logged on to intellicast.com, wtol.com (our local news station out of Toledo), weather.com, and 981mix.com (our local radio station). All of course in individual windows for quick access! We also turned on the TV to listen to the weather updates and warnings.

After receiving information from Toledo to Van Wert we decided it was time to get some shut-eye.

Upon waking up this morning we discovered not only 13 inches of snow, but the fact that I would not have to work! (Yes, Adam still had to go in...) I did happen to make it out to take some pictures to remember the Blizzard of '07 and although it wasn't quite what it was in '78, it sure was something.


Looking down Fales...

The intersection of Corwin and Fales (our house is on the left)


Flower Art

I came across these beautiful photographs today...

These are all Waldman Originals and are available for purchase at www.waldmanphotos.com.

I love the special effects that are used in each piece...

It would be so fun to have a 'garden' room in my house. A room that I could fill with floral artwork and flowers and plants of all different specimens. I would have coffee table books about gardening and such that I could sit and peruse in my 'tulip' chair. It would be such a cheerful room that would be great for me to escape from the winter depression we are in now...


Marriage is Bliss

I've been married for 6 months now and realize just how much my life has changed. And definitely for the better...

As I sit here in bed under my heated blanket, I hear the sounds of 4 screaming sports fans coming from my living room. Adam wanted to have the guys from work over to watch the Ohio State vs. Michigan basketball game and being the wonderful wife I am, I told him that I didn't mind. Compromise is something that I've gotten better at and besides, I know I can't have him to myself all the time!

It's funny how you find things you never thought before to be exciting suddenly are. Take the other night for example...

I am always cold. It doesn't matter how many layers I have on, I'm still cold. Plus, our house has felt extremely drafty here lately because of the frigid temperatures outside. Well, our house has these floor vents that are of no use to us. We went around and felt them the other night and the drafts that came out of them were ridiculous! So the next day after work, Adam went to Lowe's to buy some insulation. When I got home from work, I watched him install the insulation and alleviate the drafts. I was so excited and felt like we had made our house more efficient. Adam was excited because he accomplished a project and because he knew that it would make me not as cold. Never in a million years would I have thought something like this would have been exciting!

It's great always coming home to someone after work. It's great falling asleep every night with the one you love. (Except for last night, I fell asleep on the couch with both of my kitties...) It's great knowing that for the rest of your life you will have the same best friend. It's great being able to be yourself, say what's on your mind without being judged, and cry about absolutely nothing and not have to explain why. It's great to be loved unconditionally by my husband.

I love you Adam!


Home Alone

As I sit here chatting online with my sister, she informs me that the movie Home Alone is on TV. It happens to be one of my dads favorites and we watch it every Christmas. It's funny that it's on tonight because I'm home alone as well. Well...almost.

I like being home alone. It gives me time to catch up on the things I often put off when my husband is home...cleaning, organizing, etc. I also like to just sit and relax in the silence while my 'kids' terrorize each other around the house. The kids I'm referring to are my two kitties, Cali and Oreo. (You guess what colors they are...) One minute they are picking at each other and the next they're out cold on the couch. I wish I could be a house cat... You'd always have someone there to feed you, clean up the 'bathroom' once you've used it, and even get free massages every now and then. Oh yeah, and the 16 hours of sleep each day wouldn't be half bad either...

I also like to tend to my little indoor garden.

I've started to really like gardening. My mom is a fabulous gardener with a real talent, along with my grandma. (Being a 'green thumb' must run in the family...) It's so much fun to watch things grow and even more fun to try and be the one to grow those things. I can't wait until springtime so I can see what things outside made it through the winter!

Well it's 8:30 and I have a half an hour before Grey's Anatomy starts. I suppose I should do some laundry and maybe empty the dishwasher. If I don't do it now it probably won't get done until the next time I'm home alone...