A Bad Day Gone Good

Waking up with a horrible headache that lasted all day, I struggled to make it through the work day yesterday. On top of that came stress from customers, computers, and cell phones. I was supposed to end my day at 5:00, but didn't end up leaving until after 6:00...with my headache. Once I was home, I changed into my 'comfy' clothes and collapsed on the couch. I told Adam that I was going to go to bed earlier than normal to try and erase my awful day. He wasn't going to allow me to do just that.

"Let's make some cookies", he says. "It will put you in a better mood." I wasn't so sure, but decided to pick my lazy body off of the couch and into the kitchen to give it a try. We whipped up some chocolate chip cookie dough and baked a little over 2 dozen in no time at all. They came out soft and moist, just perfect! And he was right, it cheered me right up!

In between batches, we made our nightly rounds throughout our yard to check out our plants and flowers. My gladiolus was in partial bloom so I ran inside to grab my camera and take some pictures. I am doing a photo book from Shutterfly that includes different pictures of flowers that have been in bloom in our gardens and thought pictures of my Gladiolus would be a nicely added touch.

So all in all, my bad day was turned into good thanks to my wonderful husband. He always knows how to lift my spirits!


Do you like it?

So I got this crazy idea yesterday to paint the west wall in our family room a different color than the other three. Adam and I like it. What do you think?


A Night Out

Last night Adam and I spent a wonderful evening with our good friends Nick and Brandi. It had been a while since we had last seen each other, so we made plans earlier in the week to go out to dinner and play some miniature golf.

We decided to eat at Papa Primo's which is a wonderful Italian restaurant on the south side of town. I indulged in their Baked Pasta Promodoro and a glass of Piesporter wine while Adam had the Shrimp and Crab Pasta Alfredo. I had won a $25 gift certificate at the Chamber of Commerce golf outing for closest to the pin, so needless to say, we didn't break our budget!

After dinner, we traveled to the north side of Defiance to BallQuest where they have the nicest miniature golf course around. The sunset was amazing, the air was cool, and Adam won.

We had the most perfect evening and hope to do it again soon!

Nick & Brandi



It's been some time since the last time I've posted. It's also been some time since we've gotten rain. We've had some sprinkles here and there, but not a full, blown-out, lightening and thunder enhanced rain. Until last night.

God FINALLY blessed us with the wet stuff!

.78 of an inch to be exact. Not quite as much as we would have hoped for, but The Weather Channel is calling for more today. Let's pray that for once this summer, the weathermen are right!

PS. Check out our freshly stained deck, compliments of Adam!