Complete Wireless

I recently designed a new business card for the company that I work for. Complete Wireless is an independently and locally owned wireless communications company that works with Alltel, Sprint, Nextel, and Dish Network to sell their products. I have been with the company for a year and four months now. I have been blessed to be able to put my college education to work by being able to utilize my graphic design degree. I have aided in the design of flyers, advertisements, postcards, and now a new business card!

I must say that it turned out better than I thought!

If you're ever in the neighborhood of one of our stores, be sure to stop in and check us out! Tell them greenlegs80 sent you.


Kylee said...

I absolutely LOVE this card. You have so much talent in so many artsy ways, it's amazing to me. You sure didn't get any of that from me, unless I was the conduit between you and Grandma. Your dad can draw a mean horse, though. LOL.

Great job, Kara. I'm so proud of you! I love you!

Louise said...

You are very creative. Love your work. Nice to have such a talented person in our family. Love you!